About My Apps Factory
About us My Apps Factory is a dedicated social network for smartphone users to discover latest news and trends, share ideas and actively participate in creation of the new apps. Registered users of My Apps Factory get the opportunity to share their suggestion for apps development, participate in the discussion of other apps suggestions and actively promote best suggestions. Most popular suggestions will be professionally developed by the Company, which has access to developers in many countries. Developed production will be promoted in many market places, and the winner will get the share of the financial success.     So, how it works:
  • Register on My Apps Factory.
  • Browse all the existing suggestions. Comment on the ones you like. Vote on the suggestions you think are interesting to be professionally developed.
  • Suggest your own apps. Describe your apps features and requirements in plain English, no need for technical jargon. Your suggestions will be available for other registered users to comment and vote.
  • All suggestions are analysed, standardised and classified into different categories by the Company. Suggestions which receive most votes will be selected for development. My Apps Factory have access to developers in many countries. Selected suggestions will be assigned to the most appropriate developers to ensure the best technical and commercial solutions.
  • My Apps Factory will promote developed apps in many marketplaces. Users whose suggestions are developed will get a share of the financial success - details are in our Terms and Conditions.
  Contact us Email: contact@myappsfactory.com